Yep, It's a Scoopie

Yep, It's a Scoopie

  • $3.99

Introducing The Scoopie, in a YEP version.

Having trouble transporting powder supplements into bottles? Look no further! The Scoopie is a versatile and portable scoop and funnel container that moves your favorite powders from container to bottle, mess free, while also acting as a culinary measurer.

THE DETAILS: Simply scoop, snap, flip and pour!

The Scoopie not only eliminates messes and spills, yet also saves you time and money by keeping your supplements and formula in the bottle rather than on the counter or floor.

Simplify gym and baby bag prep.Easy scoop and funnel design.Portable on the go carrying device.Measure goods in cc/ml and TBSP.Makes a great stocking stuffer.


*This size, and version, is great for use with Protein Powders. Make sure you measure your serving sizes correctly according to the label, bro, as the Scoopie may not match exact serving sizes on labels, etc.