Bed Bug Prevention and Barrier VAMA EcoBarrier ( 100% natural and effective)

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VAMA EcoBarrier Prevention repels and prevents bed bugs from colonizing, helping ensure that bed bug occurrences don't result in an infestation. It makes the environment inhospitable to bed bugs.

VAMA EcoBarrier Prevention is a powerful 100% natural, non-toxic and biodegradable plant-based formula that makes the environment inhospitable to bed bugs. Our patent-pending unique receptor binding technologies for controlling and eliminating bed bugs are three times more effective than the leading chemical insecticide.

  • Unique Prevention Technology – VAMA EcoBarrier is the only bed bug prevention product on the market
  • Highly Effective – Repels bed bugs and makes the environment inhospitable for colonization
  • Targeted – Innovative receptor binding technology backed by 8 years of R&D
  • Safe – 100% Natural, Non-Toxic &Biodegradable product made with GRAS (generally regarded as safe) ingredients
  • Convenient - Easy to apply by yourself or your facilities staff(no safety equipment or special training needed)
  • Shelf Stable – Safe to store at your facility
  • EPA 25b Exempt – Minimum Risk Pesticide
  • Includes - training materials, application tips

DIRECTIONS: VAMA EcoBarrier Prevention, is a plant based product used for the prevention of bed bug infestations. Shake well before each use. Spray in all areas where bed bugs live and hide: around the bed under linens, box springs, couches, chairs, walls and floor gaps, cracks, room corners, luggage racks and closets. Spray to control bed bugs. Spray all areas twice a week for the first week; then once every week going forward.

STORAGE: Store at room temperature in a cool dryplace away from heat or open flame.

Active Ingredients - castor oil 1%, Peppermint oil 0.58%, Geranium Oil 0.42%

Other Ingredients - Water 98%

Total Ingredients – 100%